​DJ services ARE NOT all the same!
They DO NOT come in a "one size fits all!"

It is important for you to shop around and get the DJ 
who will best suit your individual needs and expectations.

If you like "Oldies," Classic Rock and R&B, Modern and Classic Country, 
and/or Carolina Beach and Shag, then 
Solid Gold Time Machine is for you!

I also offer Contemporary Christian, and even the legendary Big Bands!

If you prefer rap and today's hip-hop, then I am probably not for you.  
My limited library of modern music is carefully selected.  
I do not play rap, and very little hip-hop.  And NO nasty lyrics.

At your event, my entire music library
is made available to your guests.to your guests.  They are
They are invited to request their
favorites, and the event is done as muchthen done as much
"by request" as possible!

Call or email for availability
and other details:

(434) 528-3553

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